The secret to success as an innovative company is looking and acting like an agent of change without really breaking any eggs. For-profit companies need to grow, not innovate. The truth is that imitators make more money than innovators, and real innovation is fraught with risks.


Everyone should have learned something from the economic debacle dubbed the Great Recession. But, we still need insights to help people prepare for and face the next economic maelstrom. Blogging gurus say lists are the best for giving people valuable information. So, I’ve prepared Top Ten Lessons of the Latest Great Recession


The challenge of creating an innovative website

by John Ribbler May 21, 2013

A successful innovator has to deal with an unpredictable array of circumstances, as well as cultural and physical forces that may be impossible to understand. My capabilities for innovation are limited and my goals have been modest, but I have created an unusual new website for myself. If you are reading this after June 2013, it worked.

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The paradox of personal branding (Part 3)

by John Ribbler April 9, 2013

People should be concerned about being branded on the Internet, but not in way personal branding cheerleaders suggest. Most Internet users care more about personal privacy than being stars in there own online shows. Here is practical advice for people without delusions of grandeur who want their personal brands to help them advance in business.

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The paradox of personal branding (Part 2)

by John Ribbler March 7, 2013

For some experts and gurus, it is not enough that the World Wide Web has transformed how people communicate and manage information. A few Internet evangelists and philosophers want us to believe that innovation changes who we are, not just what we do and how we do it. As an example, prophets of the personal branding movement pitch enticing ideas offering little real value. Here is how they do it.

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The paradox of personal branding (Part 1)

by John Ribbler February 12, 2013

This article is for all wage earners and business people who have ignored or scoffed at the importance of personal branding. You need to know its full meaning because — like it or not — everything goes on our permanent records.

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